We’ve Made Some Changes

As I’m writing this update, Charles Bradley’s voice is serenading us through the computer speakers.

“Changes” was an accurate track to play in the background as I wrapped up the final few bugs that inevitably show themselves at the end of any project.

You might have noticed the Spence Digital website has gone through a *bit* of a rebrand as of, well, today. Don’t fret—I’m still designing user-friendly websites and eye-catching visual branding— but these services have been strengthened with new deliverables and supportive content, offering a more complete client experience.

There’s a New Face Around Here

Since Spence Digital began, I’ve worked on projects in conjunction with copywriter Carlene Kurdziel. From implementing the Oxford comma to helping out with website revisions, she’s stuck around and used her careful eye and imagination in many of the projects I’ve worked on.

Image of new Spence Digital partner and copywriter Carlene Kurdziel

After working in the same office for so long—and after hearing “You two must work together a lot!” from plenty of people—we’ve decided to go into business together in an official capacity.

Carlene is a whip-smart copywriter who loves helping people through the words she writes. I am very excited to have her on board as my partner in the business. She’ll help take our branding and website design work to new levels, while enabling Spence Digital to offer a wider range of services.

Enhanced Offerings that Put People First

Whether it’s posters, brochures, custom websites, or entire branding packages—good design always starts with what we’re trying to communicate. With Carlene’s expertise, all our design and website services will now have someone dedicated to sharing what you’re saying about your business.  

No need to overcome your writer’s block, or find out who in your office is the best at putting words together. Whether it’s monthly blog posts, Instagram graphics, brochures, or websites, we’ve got you covered from the initial strategy and ideation through to writing and design.


and after.

A Refreshed Visual Identity

Clearly, a lot has changed since the launch of this business two years ago. We’re helping more clients than ever, and now, we’re doing it in new ways. This warranted an update to the visual identity.

For the rebrand, we’ve taken the original Spence Digital logo, cleaned it up, and refreshed the typography. The result is a more consistent, mature identity that better reflects our business while maintaining a bright, dynamic colour scheme.

It’s already been a year of big changes, and we’re just getting started. We’re excited to take this new step forward and cannot wait to share our ideas, work, and results with you. Thanks for the words of encouragement, support, and love throughout the last couple of years, and even more so as we begin this new adventure. Let’s chat soon.

PS. If you’ve never listened to Charles Bradley, do yourself a favour.