Don’t let Facebook Monopolize Connecting People

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to trust Facebook, despite all evidence that you shouldn’t. During his headline-grabbing feud with Tim Cook comparing his company to Apple, he said that Facebook is free to everyone because they want the whole world to be connected. This is a distraction from their privacy woes. We don’t need Facebook to get everyone […]

What Does the Death of Adobe Muse Mean for Web Design?

We started this week by learning that Adobe is saying goodbye to Muse – their software for designing websites without the need to code HTML & CSS. They won’t be releasing any new features for the app, and they’ll stop releasing bug fixes in May of 2019. Muse was popular because it allowed designers that […]

Positioning Your Brand: 3 Predictions for 2018

2017 was a rollercoaster year – that’s something few will deny. Whether it was good or bad probably depends on where in the world you are, and what you believe in. I found much of the global politics disturbing (I won’t go there in this blog post), but on a personal level – I successfully […]

The Design Process: What We Do and Why

Like any other profession, designers each have their own tools and methods to getting their work done. Ultimately, the end goal is the same: to produce great design that will help your business grow. We believe in offering a consistently great experience for our clients by following a long-established best practice design process. Every client […]

The Power of Print Advertising in a Digital World

It seems that barely a week goes by without hearing about more closures of national and local newspapers, thanks to the influence the internet has in our lives. However, amid all this doom and gloom, there are plenty of success stories. These stories are perhaps most prevalent in niche magazines, but web-to-print and print-on-demand services […]

The Open Web and Why it Matters for Small Businesses

When shopping for an internet service provider (ISP) for a home or business, most people look at two numbers: the speed, and the price. Subscribing to a plan from an ISP gives us access to all the internet. This is thanks to standards adopted early in the history of the internet that allow every connected […]

5 Fundamental Characteristics of Good Logo Design

When we start a logo design project, our clients usually have preferences about what they want to see in their logo. Maybe it’s a specific colour they want to use, or a symbol that encompasses the brand they want to represent. Those preferences are important – if you hate your logo, you’re probably not going […]

Enhance Your Website Regularly: Launch, Learn & Improve

Change is constant. As technology and the internet have made their way deeper and deeper into our lives, change is something we have to come to terms with. We loathe the constant stream of app updates, but we also demand the latest features and information at ever-faster speeds. This demand for regular improvement means people […]

The 5 Core Principles of Spence Digital

When starting a new business there can be an endless stream of tasks that need to be done: accounting, tax stuff, admin, designing things, writing content, and discussing concepts. That’s not a complaint, I love that stuff – but it’s also important to take time to figure out why I’m doing this, and what I […]