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Don’t let Facebook Monopolize Connecting People

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to trust Facebook, despite all evidence that you shouldn’t. During his headline-grabbing feud with Tim Cook comparing his company to Apple, he said that Facebook is free to everyone because they want the whole world to be connected. This is a distraction from their privacy woes. We don’t need Facebook to get everyone […]

5 Fundamental Characteristics of Good Logo Design

When we start a logo design project, our clients usually have preferences about what they want to see in their logo. Maybe it’s a specific colour they want to use, or a symbol that encompasses the brand they want to represent. Those preferences are important – if you hate your logo, you’re probably not going […]

The 5 Core Principles of Spence Digital

When starting a new business there can be an endless stream of tasks that need to be done: accounting, tax stuff, admin, designing things, writing content, and discussing concepts. That’s not a complaint, I love that stuff – but it’s also important to take time to figure out why I’m doing this, and what I […]