Sookram’s Brewing Co.

Branding Strategy, Visual Identity, and Label Design

About the Project

Sookram’s Brewing Co. is a modern craft brewer, serving up beer in a family-friendly taproom and brewery in Fort Rouge, Winnipeg. The goal of the visual identity was to convey the welcoming, friendly environment, and unique, flavourful beer customers can expect in the taproom and from the can.

We combined minimalist typography, custom lettering, and a punchy colour palette to give each beer it’s own distinct aesthetic while weaving a common thread throughout the family of beers. Each label uses bespoke patterns and lettering to tie the four products together while emphasizing the unique qualities each beer boasts.

How We Helped

The primary "movie ticket" version of the Sookram's Brewing Co. logo

Andrew Sookram—founder of Sookram’s—used his passion for classic films to inspire the names of the four flagship beers. Each label uses custom patterns to highlight the theme of each beer.

Close-up of the full label design for Cosmos dry-hopped sour
Mockup of the Cult Classic Pilsner can label design

Mockup of the MacGuffin California Common can label design

Mockup of the Cosmos Dry Hopped Sour can label design
Mockup of the Desert Island IPA can label design
What they had to say

“Spence Digital was such a pleasure to work with. They helped guide the vision and strategy of the project and really fleshed out the details to ensure each design created a lasting impression. Exceeded my expectations in every way and the process was such a blast!”

Picture of Andrew Sookram
Andrew Sookram Sookram’s Brewing Co.